Find the proceedings of the Journées de Statistique 2013 on this page.

Since 1970, the French Society of Statistics (SFdS) has organized Days of Statistics, annually to bring more than 400 researchers, teachers and practitioners together. This is the most important French-speaking statistics event.

Since its’ inception, Days of Statistics have been held in France (Marseille 2010, Bordeaux 2009, etc.), but also in Canada (Ottawa 2008, Québec 1996), in Morrocco (Fès 2000), in Switzerland (Neuchâtel 1994, Lausanne 1987), and in Tunisia (Tunis 2011). The 45th Days of Statistics will be held in Toulouse from May 27-31, 2013, in Groupe ESC Toulouse. They are co-organized by the following partners: CNRSIMTINP-ENSATINP-ENSEEIHTINRAINSAUniversité Paul Sabatier Toulouse IIIUniversité Le Mirail Toulouse IIUniversité Toulouse I CapitoleUniversité de ToulouseToulouse School of Economics

Click here to enlarge or here for a map where all places of the conference are indicated.

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